The Dashboard section in TurboTenant is your control center for managing your rental process!

At a glance, you’ll be able to see how many leads and applicants you have, share your property listing(s), invite a renter to apply, access helpful resources, and see any notifications related to your account.

Here is a breakdown:


Getting Started List

To ensure you get the most out of TurboTenant, we put together a list of tasks that will help you set up your account. The Getting Started list is unique to each landlord and how you are interested in using TurboTenant.

When you complete a task on the Getting Started list, check it off to track your progress. If you want to dismiss a task, click the “x” on an individual task to remove it from the list.

Once you’ve completed or dismissed all the items on the list, the Getting Started section will no longer show since you’ve successfully set up your TurboTenant account!



When leads, rental applications, references, screening reports and more are all coming in at once, it can be easy to miss something. With the Notifications section in the Dashboard, you have easy access to a list of all the important events related to your TurboTenant account.

New notifications have a light blue background so they stand out. You can click on a notification to be taken to the appropriate place in your TurboTenant account. Feel free to click on the “x” in each notification to dismiss it and clear up your list as well.



The Resources section lets you have some of our most helpful educational content at your fingertips. Use the arrows to see the different resources available:

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